The principle of AQUA LIVE

Our BIOEROGATORE AQUA LIVE is an effective, sustainable solution for the wellbeing of animals, plants and humans. The meeting between quantum physics principles and the observation of the natural world has given birth to this revolutionary system. Registered under a European patent, our device is truly unique. Thanks to our continuous investments in research and development the project is progressing and evolving more than we could ever imagine. We are certain that the future will only bring further satisfaction.

The areas of application are varied as the strength of our project lies in the ability to provide water with stable frequencies, which are then transmitted through this natural conductor to plants, animals and humans. Our biocompatible frequencies amplify the normal biological functions by providing the cells with the right information. Our BIOEROGATORE AQUA LIVE works on the electromagnetic tension and molecular clusters, breaking down larger water molecules clusters into smaller ones. The result is structured water with a heavy energetic content. Within a living organism, this water favours a deeper penetration of the various substances within the cells, facilitating the cellular turnover, the expulsion of toxins and the absorption of the nutrients needed for the health of the cell itself. Hence the detoxifying role of our structured water.

Another important characteristic is the strong presence of negative ions, which tend to bond to the infamous free radicals. These potentially harmful molecules can be found within our body and are considered one of the main causes of premature cell aging. The free radicals tend to “steal” electrons from the cells in their proximity, inevitably causing a loss of energy and life force, with possible unpleasant consequences.

This is why the water intake of all living beings should be rich in negative ions, to boost their antioxidant power, limit the presence of free radicals and fight cellular aging.

We are now witnessing what could be called a “water revolution”. From a simple (though important) nutritional component, water is now becoming an intelligent, energetic element, a vehicle to deliver the right information where needed.
Simple yet extraordinary.

BIOEROGATORE AQUA LIVE does not use any electricity and does not filter the water. It energises and revitalises it.

THE ACCUMULATOR: the main body and core of AQUA LIVE system. Through the top lens the photons are captured and conveyed inside the device. Here an electromagnetic field is created, which in turn causes the common oscillation of all the atoms within. This “common phase” happening inside the device is therefore called Coherence Dominion.
The information created within the accumulator is then transferred to the amplifiers.

THE AMPLIFIER: this part of the device is in constant communication with the main body. Within the amplifier the water flows and the information is transferred, enhancing its energy level.

The amplifiers are installed within the premise’s hydraulic system through a section of the pipe, generally in close proximity to the main water source.

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