The order of nature and the language of beauty, for the benefit of everyone.

Here we can see the effects that BIOEROGATORE AQUA LIVE has on water. It is easily noticed how crystals tend to assume a harmonic, organised structure, due to the contact with the bio-compatible frequencies emitted by our device.

Our patented BIOEROGATORE AQUA LIVE speaks the language of beauty. By transferring the right information through our frequencies, the system favours water’s harmonization. So why do we naturally perceive this as beauty? Because we are part of nature, and it is normal to feel good when surrounded by it. It is nature that gives birth to beauty, it is from it that order derives and ultimately that’s where our origins are. Beauty and health are therefore the fruit of an harmonic, intelligent, universal design. As long as the living beings can maintain balance, beauty and functionality, their organism will be healthy.

We are a group of people with different backgrounds, education and coming from varied walks of life, who put together their knowledge and efforts to move forward towards a common goal: find a tangible, concrete solution to contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants.

Water: everything is vibration

Humans, animals, plants and all things on our planet emit vibration frequencies. Water too. Each vibration has a natural tendency to attract similar vibrations, resulting in harmony and balance of the planet itself, according to the resonance principle.

"Vibration is what makes the existence of every living thing possible. Everything that exists is in a state of vibration, which is the source of energy."
(Masaru Emoto)

Water: an element at risk

this substance, rich of properties and indispensible for life, is the carrier of information which can potentially be shared with everything it comes in contact with. Are we then sure that the water we drink, beside the microbiological aspects, is actually good for us?

Let us think of the environmental, electromagnetic and acoustic pollution it has been possibly exposed to. How far can those frequencies be from the beneficial ones of the primordial waters?

Water: source of new life

it is exactly from these principles that the concept of BIOEROGATORE AQUA LIVE took form. Our device utilises the power of natural light to improve the quality of water, increasing its energetic level and favouring the processes happening at the cellular level of all living creatures.

“The water is the force that tempers you.
In the water you find yourself and you renew yourself”
(Eugenio Montale)

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